Manager Strategic Initiatives

Bela Andretti

Bella Andretti’s successes include advanced studies and an MBA in Marketing. Bella became a member of the Mulloy team in 2016 and has proven to be an important asset to the company.

Her accomplishments include an increase in new clientele, conceiving and developing the current Mulloy corporate image, as well as her passion for developing and conceiving new growth oriented strategies for our evolving company. As a modern marketer, with an eye on perfection, Bella constantly strives for self improvement which is reflected by her dedication to the brand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Thamysz Fontenelle

Thamires expressed her passion as a blogger for the SL fashion scene and over time has become a popular entity within the industry. Through her blog she has helped to promote some of the best fashion brands in Second Life. After becoming a Mulloy blogger, Thamires discovered a deepening connection with the style and concept that is Mulloy.

In 2020 she assumed a greater role within the company by creating better industry connections, successful promotions, and working in partnership with some of the most popular events on the grid. She also works hard at developing brand loyalty by assisting our valued clientele with their customer service needs.

Texture Designer Collabor

Alex Parker

Alex Parke is a long time resident and entrepreneur in Second Life, and has operated several successful businesses. Alex met Thomaz Mulloy in 2016 and discovered they shared a passion for great design, business, and architecture. Mulloy was created shortly thereafter and Alex accepted an invitation to become part of the Mulloy creative team.

She has since gone on to become part of the Casa Mulloy team and brings her passion for architecture and interior design to the brand. Alex has a real life background in residential new homes design and construction, new homes marketing as well as a background in graphic design.


Thomaz Mulloy

Born to Second Life in 2012, Thomaz Mulloy has traveled the grid to get an overview of what was available. After four years of following his passion, and creating and testing his craft he founded one of the most successful houses in the history of eyewear fashion. The Mulloy brand was born in 2016 encompassing a two year journey of studying drawing and 3D modeling at a wide variety of fine arts institutions. That together with an extensive background in Photoshop and a knowledge of the fashion business in Second Life led Thomaz to zero in on the lack of well crafted, fashionably designed eyewear in the virtual world.

The design house of Mulloy, founded in the south of Brazil has become internationally known for quality and artisanship. Mulloy has since become design centric leading to some of the most beautifully crafted eyewear in Second Life. Thomaz has built his brand on the simple thesis: “When your own initials are enough.” Each release is designed and executed with passion, and represents the belief that a blend of classic and modern never go out of style. Each design bears tribute to the “When your own initials are enough.” concept and proudly displays the Mulloy name along with “Handmade in Brazil.”