1. No refunds are given, demos are created in order to try them prior to the purchase.


2. Double purchases are automatically refunded by the vendor system


3. Item prices are not negotiable by any means


4. In case you did not receive your item, please visit the store and click the redelivery terminal located at the entrance’s right. Yet, if it doesn’t work, send a notecard to Bela Andretti with your transaction record


5. Mulloy uses a vendor system that includes Credits. In order to use them, please right click the item vendor, followed by Menu>Buy>Store Credit


6. For gift purposes, simply click the desired item vendor you want to gift, from the menu select Gift and then simply follow along the instructions provided by the vendor


1. There are no permanent spots within Mulloy. Any blogger that do not stick with the rules, are going to be ejected from the group

2. Mulloy’s applications are quite rare, in order to make sure you are aware of such, we recommend you to follow our social medias (Facebook, Instagram and Flickr)

3. Please do not feel discouraged if you were not chosen. In case you were not accepted, you probably did not meet one of the criteria used, and we simply cannot name such for every blogger. So we kindly ask for your comprehension and we do recommend you to re-apply for future searches.

4. Our Maison mainly looks for creativity, in addition to a few items, such as the clarity and exposure of the items, content, description, naming, tagging, just to name a few. Please keep in mind that bloggers that have made any posts that include our items, have a bigger chance to be considered.

5. Blogging aging does not reflect your creativity. For Mulloy, it does not matter if you are new or if your blog has long years, we are looking for creative minds who can represent our brand with quality content and unique style.

6. Just like anyone within Second Life, we have real life tasks and issues. All we ask is that you do your best and contact us prior to such, in case you do not think you will be able to fulfill your duty to Mulloy’s rules. We have always been very comprehensive towards such facts, and will still be if you simply communicate with us.


1. Whenever you join this group, expect for randomly secret sales, exclusive group gifts, discounts on every purchase and a current interaction with the creation team, which is constantly sharing work in progress and sneak peaks of upcoming releases.


2. If you are not a member and do want to become part of the family, please paste this into your local chat:


3. Please keep in mind that whenever you join the group a one-time-only fee will be applied, If by any means you decide to leave such, we are not responsible for a refund nor will apply any discount towards the fee.


1. Gacha is a game of chance in which the prizes are randomly generated. We are not able to sell, nor trade any specific items from the machine directly. It is unfair to the others who play the game.

2. Exchanges for Copy & Modify items are done, please send all the desired items within a folder with your resident name to Thomaz Mulloy in-world.

3. No refunds are done based on Gacha Items. 

4. Mulloy does not take any responsibility at third party trades. Nor are we responsible for any second purchase made on the marketplace or yard sales.


1. For event invitations, queries or anything related to promotion, please get in touch with Bela Andretti or Thamysz Fontenelle.